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Heartwarming Home
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Into the house where joy lives, happiness will gladly come.

- Japanese Proverb

Friday, April 23, 2010

The wonders of spray paint


Aaah spray paint. It's a girls best friend. It's like makeup for furniture. Simply clean and then sand the surface lightly with a high number sandpaper to create a "tooth", then use a tack cloth to remove the dust. Next spray paint at will. I use a plastic drop cloth, but you can use newspaper or trash bags to keep the ground free of over spray. Note: spray down wind so you aren't wearing specks of the color all over. It's not a pretty look. Trust me, I know. I've looked like a walking canvas on more than one occasion. Manicure? Wear gloves.
Shake the can well. You will hear a ball bouncing around in there, continue shaking for a couple of minutes. Test your first spray on the drop cloth so you can see how the spray will come out. Make sure you spray from side to side, long strokes from a distance of at least 8-10". That way there will be no drips. Spray paint can turn something ugly into something pretty, and something old into something fresh. This time of year think about your lawn furniture, porch swing, wicker, tables, wooden planters, etc. There are spray paints specifically for plastic and even fabric spray paint found here. Nothing will ever be safe again. Give it a try.