Heartwarming Home

Heartwarming Home
Love the old while adding in the new

Give your home more personality

Into the house where joy lives, happiness will gladly come.

- Japanese Proverb

Monday, May 10, 2010

Grouping of items create interest

I am going to show you how to combine old and new things together to make areas of interest in your home. Make your house a place of comfort to your family and guests alike. By putting pieces that are familiar to everyone and yet personal as well you can create a serene, memory evoking environment.

As family members and friends are separated by distance, we want to surround ourselves with things that keep them in our hearts and thoughts. I will teach you how a small item combined with a picture can bring a rush of emotion to us such as laughter, companionship and love for one another. Keep the memories alive and water it daily with a smile.